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Term Four is well underway and we are getting lots done. We have been using our new video camera to prepare for interviewing our heroes soon. The camera is so lightweight and small, we had to look at the first one the school had and see the differences in changing technology.
Animation is yet to get underway this term but the students are very keen and now it will be easier with two cameras of our own.

As we have begun writing and thinkng about the milestone report it is great to reflect on how much progress the students, all staff and our parent community have made in using ICT more naturally and more meaningfully. I reported this to the parent community in our newsletter this week and commented on the quality of the professional development we have all received as well.

A BIG thank you to the cluster for our morning tea last week. We enjoyed it alot!

Term Three is whizzing away Always so much to do and we are mindful that we won't get the excellent PD in ICT in 2011 that we have enjoyed for the last three years. ERO have recently visited and we asked them to add more to our final report about ICT as we feel it has driven learning for both students and staff for the last, almost three years.

We are finally getting stuck into animation after Stuart's visit last term. The students loved what he showed them and we are starting a topic that lends itself perfectly to giving animation a go. The students have researched disasters and now are preparing an animation to show one. Exciting! There is lots of problem solving going on and it is something I am trying to encourage in the children when using any aspect of ICT for the first few times.

Overall, we entered 50 entries in the SMArts. We were keen to support Karen and Sheree's efforts in getting them up and running.

Last term we created slideshows about chemical reactions and these took a lot of time. Hopefully you will think they are worth the effort when you get to see some - a starter by Nic -

Reporting to the BOT Learning at Schools SOLO Taxonomy Track Changes

Busy, busy, busy. Term Two has proved to be as busy as ever.
The students are busy using their ICT tools in lots of ways -

Slideshow presentations of books read with action buttons to record interviews with characters.
Slideshow presentations of their learning journey in our Science - Chemistry unit.
Digital cameras being used to record movies of the experiments we are zooming our way through in Chemistry.
HOT - we are well into exploring the SOLO taxonomy and relating this initially to our science unit too.
All go!!

Reporting to the BOT

I attended Learning at School again this year. After being quite overwhelmed last year, Karen and I decided I should focus on Solo Taxonomy as a framework for our student's learning outcomes.

Karen and I are fully exploring the SOLO taxonomy. We have had a planning day in April holidays to define levels, define action verbs and work out how to implement the SOLO taxonomy with our students. I prepared a slideshow to introduce it and the children quickly picked up the key ideas -

I have also worked with the students to create our own definitions, these will change in varying learning contexts but have been a starting point for us -

Our next step is to use SOLO across the curriculum with growing understanding of how it works and can improve learning. The students wrote their own defintions for writing instructions and are using these to help them move to the next level. They are also using the language associated with SOLO surprisingly well. Our classroom has a visual model we call our Learning ladder and the students are growing in their use of it everyday. This is a slideshow I am creating as a record of learning with the Year 1-2 students. We are adding to it often-

After a facilitators visit March I also started using Track Changes in writing with my Year 3-6 students to improve their drafting skills, editing and prooofreading as well. I introduced it with a slideshow -

Find Out Inspirational Kids Stories

Have found this very cool typing programme for kids - http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/typing/
In particular I love the greek cat!!!