Bang, we have leapt into Term Four. We are off on a journey around NZ, both literally and figuratively. Google Earth is the just the programme to help our students begin to understand their place in NZ and NZs place in the world.

Recently I was very proud of the students and the natural use of ICT in our day. They had made boats during a Science lesson with a teacher. Within 20 minutes they had taken photos of their boats, uploaded the photos and added comments about their learning to our school wikispace, all a normal part of their learning work. Great! We still need to work on their comments being more specific and learning focused. I have been impressed with the ownership that is growing around each student's page on our school wiki.


Check out Nic's page, (how do you spell check???)

New Inquiry approach planning sheet -

Last terms Key Competency focus was Participating and Contributing, the students through discussion to describe what this competency would look like make a wordle -p_and_c_wordle.JPG

which was then used to plan for Co-operative Group work. Roles were introduced and then practice opporunities given -

Busy at work, working as a team in group roles

Then after these practice opportunities, the students self assessed their progress with a rubric. The rubric has been changed from those previously used to show progression as horizontal, rather than vertical as we all move in and out of any particular stage of ability to use a key competency -

Blooms Taxonomy Reading activity task sheet, this version negotiated with students in term 3 -

ICT vision drafted in February 2009 with facilitator, used as basis for ICT development in our school, 2009.

This terms Key Competency focus is - Relating to Others. The kids speak version of this is thinking about other people. Our new wordle -

Cathi Knowles

Karen Stirling