Term 3 and 4, 2010
We enjoyed the SMArts awards held at the end of last term and found them to be inspiring and we are looking forward to taking part in them next year. It was exciting to have some entries sent off to the MADE Awards :-)
We've had a time of huge change here at Hedgehope, with lots of new students and staff, making it quite difficult to keep moving forward with ICT skills. We have been revisiting many of the skills we've covered earlier, so we aren't as far on as we'd like to be in sharing student work in an online environment. However we have BIG plans for next year!
It was great to have time with Stuart Hale and Jenny teaching staff and Year 3-8 some skills for using Keynote with a view to trialling ePortfolios next year. We are using contestable funding to have some time with Stuart on Keynote early in 2011. Here's an example of the work groups of students did with Stuart.

Our "Big Pic" outlining learning goals for the term in topic inquiry has an ICT focus built in to help our learning process and presentation, integrated across the curriculum where possible to make learning powerful.
In Term 3 "Space" was our topic. We used digital photography and "KidPix" to put ourselves in space as part of Visual Arts.
We used webquests in reading, and were delighted with virtual postcards which were emailed. We trialled presenting all our webquest learning as a powerpoint, with Jenny coming to the rescue with techie help:-)

We used GarageBand to record our findings, eventually aiming to build up our skills so we can podcast.

Thinking Tools are being built into most work students are doing. Here's an example of some co-operative learning with JigSaw Learning.

Internet images have enhanced and clarified learning, e.g. In the art above Planet Earth was printed off the internet and glued onto paintings of the phases of the moon, with the art focus of making shades of colour with paint. Images have helped students remember the similes we made up.

Our Term 4 topic "Winging It" has had a strong Inquiry focus, from teacher brainstorming, postits, using digital photography to capture learning.

Rubrics are being developed for moderating student work and promoting student achievement.

We are using 6 Hats as a tool for reflecting on learning.
We've revisited the Code of Conduct as a way of helping new students and staff understand our school culture. ICT, digital cameras and graphic organisers have facilitated this learning.
In Maths we have continued to use "Mathletics," an online programme which helps students learn basic facts.

Term 1 and 2
We have allocated an increased proportion of our budget for purchasing new hardware.
3 computers from Jenny
New computer with accessit programme for the library
New data projector, flip video, Easi-Speak

In all learning areas we are making increasing use of ICT, to the extent that we felt like tools had been stolen from our toolkit when the power went off for an extended period recently.
In English
Wordles and photos for Fiona’s farewell book

DSC06337.JPGDigital photos- portraits- Comic life autobiographies and criteria
Easi-Speak for reading
Flip Video

Webquest for bridges mini inquiry www.newton.k12.ma.us/bigelow/engineering_technology/bridges/bridges-webquest.htm

In Maths
We have most students participating in the Mathletics online programme for the year and we are pleased with the improvement in basic facts knowledge.

The senior class has used these websites to support maths.
: www.magicofmath.org/figure_fountain.html

In Topic
Term One: The Hedgehope School Way
We explored our vision, Code of Conduct, values and key competencies through this unit.
• Graphic organiser Y chart
It was planned to use comic life as the presentation of learning but we ran out of time, given the short busy term.

Topic: Safety
Graphic organiser: four square graphic organiser

The Arts
Koru art in kidpix

Digital photos- portraits (see example used in autobiographies)
Garageband- recording ourselves singing and using it as backing track
I can't make this upload so you can hear us, so this is the best I can do tonight for evidence!
Flip Video of Miss Murray's leaving song

BOT graphs reporting Student Achievement