Update: Term 4 Week 2
Here are some examples of our work at Hedgehope School during the second half of this year.

Our unit plan

What effective teaching and learning looks like at Hedgehope School


Key Competencies

Key Competency: Thinking
Six Hats

Creative Problem Solving using Tony Ryan's Thinkfest

SCAMPER Creative Thinking

Key Competency: Managing Self

DSC02122.jpg DSC02127.jpg

Focus goals selected daily by the class

Goal Setting


Key Competency: Relating to Others

Examples of Students' Use of ICT for learning
Internet research of current events, then written summary

Internet research "What's my Country?"

Examples of student advertisements during "Enterprise" study in Term 3

Presentations using ICT





Shared Learning Intentions__

Proposal for the way ahead with ICT

Report to BOT

Reporting on STAR achievement to the community

Term 2 Update

Last term zipped by! Our newly renovated rooms are light and airy and great places to teach and learn. The whole community turned out for our Treemendous Makeover day, transforming the bog into a wonderful native area, complete with fitness track and outdoor picnic tables.
It was great to get some more ideas from conference and to get to know you a bit more. Thanks for being such willing photo models.

Our junior class used writing over photos to express 2 aspects of our learning last term. They developed some more ICT skills in posing, taking photos, working in Word to insert, save, select suitable colour etc... The resulting wall display showing Feelings and Faces work has attracted a lot of attention from visitors to school.
We've had a few sad techie things happen with a laptop and printer deleting themselves from our asset register, and Jenny has been a big help in sorting out the gremlins.
The whole school took part in World Maths Day, again learning with ICT. We are thinking about the Mathletics programme. Anyone had any experience with it?

This term we are looking at "Mysteries and Solutions", a forensics science unit with heaps of internet resources for teachers and students, great language and science opportunities. Fiona and Tina are well into fundraising to go to Deep Cove with seniors in a few weeks time. Great weather for cross country training.

We took photos as we acted out the story of "The Enormous Swede". We'll use these to retell the story using Powerpoint.
An example of use of ICT to report on student achievement- Excel. These graphs formed part of a full report on literacy to BOT

An example of Super 14 study by senior class using ICT (internet) to gain and present information.

An example of learning intentions for current inquiry 'Mysteries and Solutions'