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Term 4
Iknow there is not much from Tisbury on our Southern Connections wiki, but you can access our Tisbury School wikispace through here,​ and see what we have been doing with ICT in the last term or so.
I enjoyed talking with you all at the end of last term - we need to get out more into each others schools for chats- you can't find time, you have to make time if you want it to happen. Some words of wisdom I read somewhere. Easy to say, hard to do!
I enjoy looking at all your wikis - there is some fantastic stuff happening in all our schools. Keep up the excellent work.

Term 3

How did you all enjoy your week on the bus tour? I hope you got a lot out it, are enthused about the possibilities for ICT in your existing programme and are ready and eager to start trying out new things.

I haven't added anything to our wikipage this term, but if you want to go to you will see a lot of what is going on at our school.

We are in the process of putting together a teacher support resource regarding ICT skills to be explicitly taught throughout the school. We were finding that the children couldn't do some of the things we were wanting them to do, or it took forever, because they didn't have the prerequisite ICT skills - a bit like not knowing your basic facts at maths. Once we have it out of draft I'll put it up on our wikispace and you can have a look at it. If you would like to know more about it then email me and I'll show you what we've got so far.

Term 2

Some of the ways ICT is being used at Tisbury School to enhance learning.

external image Picture%202.pngPicture_3.png
This is a picture of Room 2's classroom roll. The children drag their picture across the interactive whiteboard into the right hand box when they arrive at school to show they are here. This is practicing self-management skills, taking responsibility and practicing drag and drop.

As part of the reading programme children learn about blends. They use the digital camera to go around the school and take photos of objects beginning with the blend. They then download them onto the computer and drag into comic life. They also look on the internet for pictures beginning with the blend also and drag into comic life.

The Apple Bus tour was a very succesful PD oportunity and the three of us who have come back are enthused about the ICT possibilities, keeping in mind the size of our school and the size of the cluster. For all you out there who are going on the August tour, this is a one off opportunity to see a wide range of ICT in the classrooms, hear about each shool's journey to get where they are now, and to sift through all you see to end up with worthwhile and achievable relevant ideas for your class and school.

We are all using a range of thinking tools in our programmes - and are looking forward to hosting Karen Boyes next week (5/6) to get us really going with the Habits of Mind. After the HOM bootcamp and the Apple Tour, I have put together a visual about our school and what we stand for. Watch this space as I am now working on getting help with moving it from a sketch by me to a powerpoint, visual image, banner, whatever..... still thinking - maybe all three or four or five.

Car park opening was great - even though it was awful weather. My mini goal - to put a photo of it on this wiki. Watch this space.